About Zambia

It’s often described as Africa’s best kept secret – but we’re here to spill the beans

Nestling in the very heart of Southern Africa, Zambia is one of the continent’s most magical safari destinations.An unsung hero, the country is a beautiful wilderness of astounding vistas and bucket-list sights, but it’s also peaceful, stable and incredibly welcoming, wherever you happen to find yourself. And that’s before we’ve even mentioned the wildlife! Animals of all shapes and sizes loom large in the country’s many national parks and reserves and in all of them, they certainly outnumber the visitors making your safari experience that little bit more exclusive.

A brief history

Originally a British colony, Zambia gained independence in 1964 and went on to play an important role in helping her neighbours to achieve their freedom too, offering sanctuary to the leaders of other liberation movements.

Zambia has never endured serious conflict, either in the pursuit of freedom or in the transition to a post-independence government. Zambians are justifiably proud that their country is known within the region for its stable and democratic government, fast-developing economy, and some of the most welcome and friendly people you’ll ever meet.

Why Zambia?

Today, Zambia is an exceptional African safari destination. It has a good travel infrastructure, a proactive approach to conservation, and an emphasis on high-quality safari guiding that stems from the legendary Robin Pope and late Norman Carr. Visitors are also attracted by Zambia’s extremely low crime rate and the country’s forward-looking approach to tourism.

With over 70 regional dialects and 4 main languages as well as borders with 8 different countries, Zambia is a country of great diversity and tolerance. Visitors are greeted warmly (and always with a smile!) and Zambians are uniformly delighted to show off the majesty of their country. Don’t be surprised if a stranger stops to talk to you in the airport or on the street – in Zambia, the pace of life is slow, relaxed and everyone has time for everyone! Take a look at some of our Nyanja phrases (the local language in the South Luangwa) and you’ll be even more warmly-welcomed in your new home!