Travel Info

We know how it is. Organising a safari can seem a little daunting at times, especially when you’re trying to keep things affordable. Over the years, we’ve amassed a good few tips and tricks when it comes to planning a trip to the South Luangwa and over the next few pages, we’ve included our nuggets of useful information, from the best way to get to the South Luangwa to what to pack in your 15 kilos of safari luggage – and a few extra hints and tips too. Planning your trip has never been so easy…

To get you started….

Zambia is a particularly warm and welcoming country, and if you learn a few words of the local dialect in the South Luangwa, Nyanja, those smiles will become even brighter and the laughs even more belly-aching! We’ve put together a few key phrases to practise before you arrive:

First things first, all conversations should begin with an exchange of pleasantries to set things on the right course:

Hello, how are you?                            Muli bwanji?
I’m fine. How are you?                       Bweno. Muli bwanji?
I’m fine                                                   Bweno

After this, it’s perfectly acceptable to slew shamelessly into English for the remainder of the conversation! But give these phrases a whirl and watch the magic happen…

My name is…                                        Dzina langa ndine….
How much is this?                              Zingati?
Yes / no                                                  Ee / Ayi
Thank you                                            Zikomo
Thank you very much indeed         Zikomo kwambili
Wonderful!/ Awesome!                     Chabweno
No problem!                                         Palibe mvuto!
Is this the bus to Chipata?              Kodi iyi bus ipita kuChipata?
Good luck until tomorrow               Tizaonana mayilo
Stay / travel well                                 Khalani / muyende bweno