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Are you searching for a remarkable safari experience in Zambia?

Then look no further…

Gavin Opie Safaris offers exceptional, all-inclusive safari packages for visitors seeking great value.

Nkonzi Bush Camp, our simple and stylish eight-bed tented camp, is our base. Located in the heart of the South Luangwa National Park, right where the wild things are, the camp is perfectly located to discover the unspoiled wilderness of the South Luangwa, on foot or by vehicle.

Our team is small, and we’re passionate about what we do. We may not have millionaire investors, Egyptian cotton sheets or private plunge pools, but we do have a deep love for Zambia and a passion for sharing the magic of the South Luangwa National Park with you.

Just imagine…

… walking through the dusk-tinged African bush as giraffe peer at you from the shrubs and dainty impala leap into the nearby bushes.

… feeling a shiver down your spine as you hear a lion roaring in the darkness during your night drive.

… knowing that you are treading lightly through the wilderness with a company that is committed to ethical safari guiding.


  • Before we visited Nkonzi I was very nervous of sleeping in a tent with wild animals roaming freely outside at night. But once we arrived  I was completely put at ease by the camp staff...

    Jennie C UK
  • It may only have been 3 days but it was packed with fun and rich rides! Gavin, thank you for the extra miles you have gone to accommodate us and make our trip extremely memorable.

    Myra Canada
  • For me, the highlight was the one-day expedition drive in the Park, just us and the animals, no obvious impact from humans. We also had excellent sightings of leopard and the night time dinners at the camp

    Mike C UK

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