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Walking safaris

There’s not much that can beat the thrill of exploring the bush on foot, and where better to try it than in the home of the walking safari, the South Luangwa National Park? Walking offers an unmatched opportunity to experience the wild up close and away from the thrum of a vehicle engine: sights, sounds and smells are heightened and become even more exhilarating, and you’ll discover smaller flora and fauna that you perhaps didn’t even know existed

At Nkonzi Camp, all our walking safaris are accompanied by an armed, trained wildlife scout as well as one of our qualified walking guides. In the South Luangwa, the examination to become a walking guide is no easy task so rest assured that you will be in the safest of hands.

Walking safaris are best done in the cool, morning air, before the heat of the day kicks in. You’ll depart from camp at around 06h00 accompanied by your scout and guide. Always on the lookout for big game, the walking safari also provides the opportunity to slow things down, have a look at the smaller things, and most importantly, absorb your surroundings and let the reality of being in one of the wildest places on earth really sink in.

A walking safari can last from anywhere between 2 to 4 hours depending on the temperature, what you see, and of course, your preference. The walk is not designed to be a route march through the bush; you’ll walk slowly and spend plenty of time taking in the magic of your surroundings and you certainly do not need to be mountain-climbing fit to partake.

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